You wear ALL the hats!
You know you "should" be posting more but...

Deep breathe. I've got you. My super simple DIY content calendar is specifically designed for busy creative business owners, just like you.

I used social media to grow an epic cookie business, and now I'm managing Instagram for other business owners. And THIS system is still my foundation for building fun, engaging accounts!

So, why am I sharing? Because I know how it feels to do ALL the jobs as a creative business owner. It's hard!

And yes, social media is important for creating brand visibility... but it doesn't have to stress you out. I created this for you, because I SEE you. You're out there killing it, and you just need a little support.

Use the prompts provided to create 1-2 months worth of engaging posts in as little as 1 HOUR. Then tag me @tenthousandcookies and let me know what you'll be doing with all your new free time. ;)